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Both beard balm and beard oil hydrate and condition your beard. In a nutshell, beard balm is a light conditioner yet provides some hold and shape. It also helps with itchy regrowth by making the hair softer and with wind burn during the winter by adding a protective layer of beeswax. Beard oil provides a much deeper conditioning. 

In general, our products are specifically made to be good for your skin and body, which naturally translates into being good for your hair. With that in mind, our products can be used for any length beard. However, it is advised that the beard oil be used for especially dry beards and/or beards that are at least 2-3 inches in length. The beard balm is perfect for any length, including the “5 o’clock shadow” and the areas frequently shaved for shaping (e.g. cheeks and neck).

Although we don’t advertise our products as such, we have had many customers and barbers say they have used either one as both a pre- and post-shave treatment with great results.

The beard oil can be applied right after showering, with a wet or dry beard. The amount of drops needed depends on the size/length of the beard. Tip the bottle upside down; the drops will come out slowly so as to avoid any product loss (do not shake the bottle). Place the drops directly into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and run them through your beard, starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends making sure to evenly coat your beard. You can reapply if necessary.

Make sure your beard is dry before applying. Using the top of your fingernail, scrape out an appropriate sized amount of balm, which also depends on the size/length of the beard. Rub the beard balm between your hands until liquefied. Run your hands through your beard, starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends making sure to evenly coat your beard. The balm can also be applied to the skin surrounding the beard (especially areas that are frequently shaved for shaping, like the cheeks or neck). Any remaining beard balm can be applied anywhere you have dry skin. You can reapply if necessary.

Since we use essential oils in our products (instead of harmful fragrances), the scents fade after a short time (typically 1/2 – 2 hours, depending on the product). We did this on purpose so as not to overpower your nose and, in the case of the beard balms and beard oils, so as not to have the scents mix with whatever you are eating or drinking. Please be aware that when you purchase a new beard or skin balm, the scent will seem faint until the wax seal is broken.

Definitely! Our Calm Balm is specifically formulated to care for all skin types. Although we do not advertise it as being able to treat/cure any particular skin condition, many of our customers have reported success in using it for eczema, razor burn, fresh tattoos, diaper rash, severely dry skin, and much more. However, please do not use Calm Balm or any of our products if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.

No. Our Calm Balm is made with beeswax and, as such, unused jars still have the wax seal on top. It may take a good minute to get the Calm Balm what we call “gooped up.” For the first use, you will want to stir the top layer really well. It will help to have the Calm Balm at room temperature (as cold temperatures cause our all-natural ingredients to solidify). It may also be helpful to use an object like a popsicle stick to stir the balm. Once the top layer is broken, removing the contents will be much easier! To help the Calm Balm spread more easily over your skin, rub between your hands to liquefy, especially if applying over large surfaces. Also, please remember that Calm Balm is not a lotion; it has a thicker consistency, and, thus, you will need a smaller amount to get the desired effects.

We suggest storing in a cool, dry place. Since we use all-natural ingredients, they are susceptible to temperature changes. Cold temperatures will cause our products to harden and possibly contract, especially our beard balm and Calm Balm. For the lip balm, you may notice a bit of crystallization on top. However, this does not change the efficacy of our products.

Warmer temperatures will cause our beard balm to liquefy, which may not only result in bit of a mess, but can cause a change in consistency once the beard balm re-hardens. Warmer temperatures will soften the Calm Balm and lip balms, but it takes a much higher temperature to melt these items.

Yes! Kiss My Buckeye uses peanut butter flavoring and does not contain a nut allergen.

We have many shops in Ohio and a few outside of Ohio that carry us. Please visit our “Where to Find Us” page to find out exactly where our products are sold. In addition, we participate in many vending/craft shows throughout the year. You can follow us on social media to see what shows we have coming up.

Since our products are for personal grooming, returns are not possible as we cannot guarantee that the products were not tampered with after purchase. However, considerations can be made in special circumstances. If you are looking for a return/exchange, kindly e-mail us at, include as much detail as possible (your name, when/where you purchased the product(s), what was purchased, and your specific concerns).

Yes, we do. Please e-mail us at to get our wholesale pricing or with any questions you have about selling our products.

Awesome! We strive for absolute greatness and love hearing from our customers! Please follow us on social media and, if you would like, leave a review. As always, the best compliment we can receive is a customer encouraging their friends and family to try our products and spreading the word about our company.

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