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Bringing you the best in hand crafted, all-natural grooming products. We support and promote small business, fine food, and great beer. Put on your best face!
Midwest Best Grooming Co. (MWBG) was founded in 2015 by Tim Novak, Fred Lozano Jr., Krys Mackowski, and Michelle Athanas. Our first product was the Morning Beard beard balm. From there, we expanded our men's grooming products to include beard oil and additional beard balm scents. As we grew, our customers wanted to see more from us...and that's when our first lip balm, Holy Chocomole, was born. Since then, we've added seasonal beard balms, additional lip balm flavors, and our first skin balm. Our potential is limitless!
If there is a product you would like to see in our lineup, please feel free to e-mail us at We're always looking for new ideas and try our best to accommodate our customers' requests.